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When a coach looks to build a successful Subbuteo team, strong teamwork, individual flair and a common goal to succeed are characteristics they aim to identify. When we recruit for our teams, we look for the same traits.

At BSA, we believe that diversity is a key contributor to creating the best teams. We welcome people of all backgrounds, professional skills, experiences, personalities and ideas. Throughout our recruitment process, our approach will be fully transparent and open.

Did you know?

  • Between xx and xx% of BSA’s revenue is redistributed to the Subbuteo Table Football family

So, here’s how our recruitment process works:

Download full process

Submitting an application

You can search all of our vacancies on the recruitment portal, and create job alerts to ensure that you are the first to know about new positions. Once your application is received, it will be carefully screened against the criteria for the position and you will receive feedback on the status of your application.


We use online ability assessments to better measure your skills. Prior to your interviews, you will receive a link to complete four ability tests at the first stage and a personality profile assessment at the second stage.

First-stage interview

An interactive discussion via video call enables us to gain an insight into your skills, experiences and achievements matched to the profile of the position for which you have applied.

Second-stage interview

Face-to-face interviews along with a technical assessment will give you the opportunity to further showcase your professional experiences and abilities.


Congratulations! At this stage you have demonstrated you are the best person for the job and we will make you an offer to join our team.